Monday, October 11, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

In my last update I forgot to mention my hair.  To start, I didn't lose it from the one super-dose chemo I had to take, maybe it thinned out a little, but nothing crazy or noticeable at all.  I had let my hair go, no haircuts, for months.  Six at least, maybe 8 months.  My hair was longish even before I stopped getting haircuts, so by the time our summer vacation rolled around my hair was as long as it had been since college.

So when we got out to Ocean City, MD for our vacation, one of the very first things I did was have Julie cut my hair.  It was long enough to meet the minimum donation length for one of those "we give sick kids wigs" charities, and I wanted to see if my hair could do some good.  Since I was at the minimum donation length, they might just sell mine off and not actually use it for sick kids, but whatever, it was something I wanted to do.

Julie had never cut my hair before, but after putting it up in several pony/pig-tails (6 or so) she chopped them off leaving me with about 3 inches of hair on my head.  Of course it was all uneven, so she spent a while cleaning it up and except for one spot that was cut significantly shorter than the rest (one of the pony tail spots) she did a good job.  Two weeks at the beach with a significantly lighter head was nice.

In fact since then I've kept my hair reasonably short, and Julie's been the one doing all the cutting. 

Two more brief items:

1.  Cold is still here, although just a soar throat and minor head congestion at this point.  I've already been to the doctors twice for this, but seeing as how this is week 3 of a cold I'm going to go to an urgent care today, assuming they're open on Columbus day.

2.  I ran my first post-cancer race on Saturday.  Not really a race so much as an obstacle course.  The Warrior Dash (Mid-Atlantic)  It was a tough race to run, but I think only b/c I had not run in two weeks and I was still a little sick.  My lungs and legs were not up to  race, which was just a 5K with some easy and some tougher obstacles.  We were super muddy by the end, but had a good time. 

That's all I've got for now.

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