Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Not Ignoring Your Calls

Another day of running around calling labs, visiting hospitals, faxing forms and requesting records.  I picked up the pathology slides (from my most recent biopsy) this morning from Sibley Hospital, at the same time I requested CDs of all of the CT & PET scans I've had there.  The slides were ready as I had already faxed over the request last Friday, but the CDs took about an hour to burn.  I also received photocopies of all reports that go along with those scans.

I also heard from my Urologist who had contacted GW on my behalf about the slides from my original testicular tumor.  This Urologist is the best, he's a great guy and did all he could for me to get those slides today.  It doesn't look like that's going to happen, but at least they'll be overnighted to Einhorn in Indiana before the end of the week.  And there is still a chance they'll be ready today, I'm going to call around 3 to see if they are ready.

Once I got back home I started scanning in all of the paper documents and copying the CD's onto my home network.  I'm starting my own one-man medical library.

When we got home yesterday from the beach and I had time to really review Julie's handiwork with my haircut, I realized it needed a lot of clean up.  In Julie's defense those shears we were using were for a beard, not for shaving your head/getting a haircut.  That's why she first has to use the hair scissors to get the hair short enough for those electric shears to even have a chance at cutting the hair.  The shears/beard trimmer has nine settings, one being the shortest hair (stubble), and 9 being about 3/4 inch long.

Since there was a lot of clean up needed on my head I decided to put the trimmer on the longest setting we had used and just run it all over my head for a while, trying to catch the many strays and uneven spots.  "Julie," I asked "was the longest setting we used 8 or 9?"
"7." Julie replied without hesitation.
"7?  Really?"
"Yes, 7." my lovely wife confirmed.

Well you can probably see where this is going.  Because of my love of and trust in my wife, I didn't put it on 7 and test the length by running the trimmer over a side-burn or anything.  I put it on 7 and went whole hog, starting at the front I took the trimmer straight back as I stood in the shower.  The trimmer struggled and sounded like a lawn mower that hits a deep patch of wet grass.  Uh-ho, I thought, as I watch what was left of my hair fall onto the tub floor.  Oh well, I had intended to shave it this weekend anyway.  So I continued over the rest of my head for the next 15 minutes.  I called Julie in to help me make sure I hadn't missed any bit patches of hair.

"You cut it really short!  It looks good though." Julie commented as she walked in and saw me.
"Yes, it does.  It turns out 7 was not the longest setting we used the other day"

Julie's confused face slowly turned to a big, guilty smile as she realized what I was hinting at.  "Ooops!" she said before we both started cracking up.

Mostly friends and family reading this blog.  I wanted everyone to know I appreciate the calls/texts/emails but I'm unlikely to return them all.  When I have info that can be shared on a very public place like this I'll post it, otherwise details will fan out via immediate family.  Things are really good right now, I'm not sitting around depressed or miserable.  Part of that is the busy work that's involved in red tape and tracking down records, but most of it is that so far that I'm really in good spirits.  Both Julie & I have our moments, but for the most part we're both doing well.

We've off to Indy in a few hours.  Assuming I'm back on Wednesday as planned I'll post an update then.

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