Thursday, April 12, 2012


This blog post is coming to you live from GW Hospital via my iPhone. Expect lots of grammatical errors and randomly wrong words as the auto spell correct makes mistakes I dont catch. I'm also several morphine injections and percosets into the evening which won't help matters.

So it's been an eventful day. It all started early Monday morning when I woke around 4 am with my right forearm in a good deal of pain. Tender to the touch with a hard knot under the skin, I was getting a bleo treatment that morning and seeing the dr first. I told the dr about the pain and knot, he thought it was phlebitis and told me to give it hot & cold compresses and to take Tylenol.

The bleo treatment went great, for the first time no fever or chills. But my right arm was killing me. I didnt sleep well Monday night, and when I woke on Tuesday my right arm joined my left in pain only now both were swollen too.

Tuesday I continued advil and heat (which gave more relief than ice) and felt a little better. But Tuesday night my arms were throbbing and I emailed the dr.

The doc had me come in Wednesday. When he saw my now swollen, red arms he was very concerned. He gave me an rx for an antibiotic and told me to take it overnight. If I felt no relief I was to get ultrasounds on my arms.

No relief wed night, so this morning it was back to the docs. I got the ultrasounds at 1 pm and they confirmed my fears. Blood clots in both arms, from elbow to wrist. The doc sent me to the ER where he wanted me admitted for an overnight stay to start me on blood thinners.

So that's where I am. My mom was supposed to fly home tomorrow morning, but she's now staying at least through Sunday. The ER was miserable and took hours to get me back, then several more to get admitted to the hospital. But I'm there now, we sent my mom home around 9 pm to get to Bica. Julie hung out until a little after 10 when visiting hours ended.

This is serious, but I should be ok. Lots of questions about continuing my treatment but I won't have those answers for a while.

The blood thinner shot, by the way, is given in my belly twice a day. Good times.

Drugs are catching up to me. Time to sleep.

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