Monday, July 18, 2011

Did I Mention I Have Cancer?

This update is long overdue, but with treatment in the mornings and then a full work day, I've been exhausted by the time I get home and just don't feel like writing.  Then the weekends come and the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer when the weather is so nice.

Treatment to date:

Treatments are easy and painless, I've had nine of my 21 when you include treatment this morning.  The treatment makes me feel nauseous, and I'm tired all the time, but it isn't terrible (the nausea is by far worse than the fatigue).  I also have a nasty metallic taste in my mouth all the time, but it is worse just after the treatment. I miss about 1-2 hours of work each day depending on the start time of the treatments which range from 8:15 am to 9:30 am.  Most are at 8:15, so I'm usually at the office by 10 am.  At 12:30 I head home and nap for 30 minutes, then back to work.

The few unusual side effects I have are my super hunger (for foods I normally do not crave), and rash-like itchiness on my legs (not the treatment area).  The rash-like itching comes & goes so I can deal with it, but the hunger is all the time.  And I'm not hungry for green veggies and fruit.  I want ground beef, bean, rice, pizza, french fries.  Yesterday (Sunday) Julie & I sat outside with Bica at a local sports bar and had a large order of buffalo wings & two orders of french fries.  I ate almost everything.  Friday night I got a large spicy meatball pizza with six mini burgers, I barely gave Julie a bite.  My appetite is voracious.

Best Sister Ever:

My sister sent a care package when I was a week into my treatments which included one of the nicest gifts I've ever received.  A note-chain (I don't know the right term for it) where she got well wishes from friends and family, created 21 notes (for each day of my treatment) from those well wishes, and created a looped chain from each note such that each day I break a link in the chain and read that days note.  As there are fewer links in the chain, I can see my remaining treatments get lower & lower, plus I get to read all of those well wishes one treatment at a time.  It is an amazing gift.

Subject Line:

The subject line of this post (did I mention I have cancer?) comes from a TV show Julie and I watch on Hulu called Archer.  An adult cartoon sort of about a spy (Archer) and the dysfunctional agency he works for, but really it's just a set up for rude comments and sex jokes.  Anyway on Sunday (after the wings-french fry fest described above) we watched the most recently available episode and damn if Archer didn't get cancer (male breast cancer...) and damn if he wasn't saying a lot of things that I've been saying, like "you know I have cancer, right" when Julie tells me to put my clothes away.

The episode was funny, but maybe hit a little to close to home.  Julie & I were laughing pretty hard when we watched it though.

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