Friday, June 18, 2010

Update 6/18/10 Physical vs Emotional Recovery

I managed to stay off Rx pain pills yesterday and today.  I took Tylenol three times yesterday but that was it, no other pain pills. That's not to say the pain is gone, but now it feels more like I ran a really hard race and my body is sore, no longer piercing pain like Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. 

But as the physical pain became more tolerable yesterday, I was having a harder time emotionally.  Not overwhelmingly bad, but definitely feeling the emotional effects of the surgery.  I'm hoping the second day of being clear-headed and less pain will help.  I was able to shower finally yesterday afternoon and I shaved today.  I think getting back into a normal routine will be a big help.

Jogging seems unlikely before Tuesday, maybe even later.  But perhaps I'll feel much better by Sunday and that will change.  I'm looking forward to walking Bica around a few times today, I think that will help too.

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