Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update 7/11/10 Decision Day

Decision: Chemo

Emailed the oncologist yesterday to ask what the next steps will be. Do I just have to make an appointment to get the 3 hour IV drip? Or do I have to have more blood work, etc.?

No response yet (he was on vacation this week), but I'll call the office on Monday if I haven't heard from him. I'm hoping to get this out of the way this week if at all possible. I had my last beer this afternoon at the Nats game (loss to Giants), no more drinking for me until this is over. Not doctors orders, but I thought I'd give my liver & kidneys a break since my body is about to be flush with a new toxin.

In other news: When Julie told her friends about my cancer via email, she titled the message "A Little Lighter On The Left Side." I loved that subject, hell if I ever wrote a book I'm pretty sure that would be titled. As such I registered and will probably move all of these posts to that URL and continue my blogging from there. I'll put a re-direct though, so you can visit either site.

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