Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update 7/24/10 A Day in the Life

I was given two different anti-nausea meds.  One was a 3 day dose, where I take a pill every 12 hours.  The other I could take as needed every six hours.  I finished off the 3 day pills yesterday, and by last night I was feeling pretty awful and took the first of the as needed pills.

The problem with the as-needed pills are they knock me out.  That's fine over the weekend, but if the nausea hasn't passed by Monday, well, I don't want to become a vegetable.

It's hard enough now, just four days after getting chemo.  I go from the bed to the bathroom to the living room.  I harass Bica for attention, use her as a pillow or kiss her belly until she growls.  Cravings for cheeseburgers, scrambled eggs with cheese.  Then I try to eat those foods and fill up to the point of sickness after a bite.  I fight it all down, then feel horrible for a long while.

Read books in the bedroom, on the toilet, on the floor in the living room, again using Bica as a pillow.  But that doesn't last long.  Bica moves, and so do I, back to the bedroom.  A 10 minute nap, then another craving; this time it's meatballs.  I know I only have to say the word and Julie will run out to get me whatever I want.  I hate that she's stuck inside with me, having to listen to my complaints.  She wants to help and there isn't anything for her to do.

Last night it was noodles.  I wanted long, flat, asian noodles from the thai place in our building.  Julie got them, I ate two noodles and a small piece of chicken.  Took the pill described above that knocked me out so I was out for the night.  When I got up to pee at midnight, stumbling to the bathroom, Julie shot up and turned on every light in the house.  Worried, no doubt, that I was about to be sick.  I snapped at her, and then (well, eventually) apologized and thanked her for her concern.  I find my temper is even shorter than usual.

I've read almost a book a day since Wednesday.  Good books too, but I've just about had enough of them, and movies too.  I have more to read, and watch, though, so I know I'll keep at it.  If I'm going to lose my hair, it will probably start Wednesday or Thursday.  I wonder if I can hold out on shaving my head until next weekend.  I'd like to have a day or two with my bald head before heading into work.

I hope the worst of the stomach problems pass this weekend.  I can see that fatigue will be my real problem, but at least I can put in half days at work with that.  If I'm still taking anti-nausea meds, I can't do anything but sleep.

Meatballs.  I'm still thinking about meatballs.  I'll be calling out to Julie in a few minutes.

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