Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Update 7/27/2010 FU Cancer, FU

My of favorite lines from the movie the Odd Couple is from one of the first big blow ups Walter Matthau (Oscar Madison) has with Jack Lemmon (Felix Unger), in a movie full of his blow ups.  I could cheat and get the exact wording from the internet, but I'll give you my falty memory of it instead:
Oscar:  "I can't take all your little notes Felix.  Every morning there is a note saying 'we need milk, FU' or 'dinner at 7:15 tonight, FU'.  It took me three days to figure out FU was Felix Unger!"
In trying to keep this a family friendly blog I'm not cussing.  But sometimes I feel like it, although not necessarily for the reasons you might think.  I'm not sitting around thinking "poor me," or angry that this happened to me when things are otherwise going so well in my life.  Like a lot of people I thought if I had to face a disease like this, it would be much later in life, but I haven't had a bad attitude yet. 

The point I'm belaboring is that the cussing I want to do is pride.  And I know pride isn't something you're supposed to feel (uh, be proud of?) but I do feel bad-ass about some of this.  My pride thoughts are cleaned up below, but these are the ones that cause me to stick out my chest and say FU to cancer.
  • I had my left testicle cut out of my body at 4 pm on 6/15/10 and I walked myself out of that hospital 4 hours later.  I didn't get wheeled out in a chair, I told them I wanted to walk.
  • 2 days after surgery to have my damn testicle removed, I stopped taking prescription pain pills and switched to tylenol. 
  • 6 days after surgery, I got on an exercise bike for 30 minutes, then went on to work a full day.
  • 7 days after surgery, I went outside for a jog with my wife and dog, then went to work a full day.
  • The day after I had chemo I went out for a jog with my dog (granted, I was still feeling a steroid high)
  • 5 days after chemo, I went for a jog with my wife and dog, and then went to work.  Hell I was back to "coach tony" mode yelling at Julie for running to slow behind me (I later apologized).
Now I'll admit that a follow-up cancer diagnosis would kick my butt right now, and I might start in on the poor/why me stuff.  But for right now?  FU cancer, FU.

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